Wax form Modeling & Sculpting Wax.

For creative, inspired sculpturing of dental morphology.

Sculpting Wax Beige – Item No. 714
Sculpting Wax Blue – Item No. 715
Modeling Wax Green – Item No. 716
Modeling Wax Ivory – Item No. 717

Technical Application

Primarily formulated for occlusal anatomy, and scupting full crowns, inlays and onlays with ease.  Suitable for pressable ceramics.

Working Properties

A pure, ash-free European wax composition with excellent flow properties and low contraction for modeling the exterior tooth shape.  Excellent carvability without compromising strength.  Exhibits control and accuracy.

Key Benefits

Offers minimal shrinkage.
Excellent sharp carving characteristics.
Ash-Free wax.
Suitable for pressable ceramics.