Ti Waxer & Replacement Tips

Ti Waxer

The MPF Titanium handled waxing instruments are a latest innovation from the MPF Brush Company. These elegant wax carvers have been designed with comfort in mind; the long hours we spend waxing up delicate crowns can be tiresome; our light weight handle and ergonomic design make the technicians life a little easier.
With our double-sided Ti Waxer the technician has instant access to, two different carving instruments, with a quick turnaround of the handle the technician has the ability to use the instrument for several applications, carving, connecting!
The Stainless steel blades are replaceable and each handle is colour coded so the technician can identify which handle he needs at a quick glance.

Item order No. 119-0001
Ti Waxer Carving Instrument, Spoon/Fine Dropper, Red

Item order No. 119-0002
Ti Waxer Carving Instrument, Large LeCron/Angled Spade, Blue

Item order No. 119-0003
Ti Waxer Carving Instrument, Small LeCron/Large Dropper, Purple

MPF Ti Waxer 3 in 1 kit Item order No: 119-2000

Replacement Tips

Item order No.

Item order No.
Fine Dropper

Item order No.
Large LeCron

Item order No.
Angled Spade

Item order No.
Small LeCron

Item order No.
Large Dropper