Stain/Opaque Palette

Stain palette

Item order No. 115-5000 Black

Stain palette

Item order No. 115-6000 White

Our stain & paste opaque palette offers a great solution for storing stain and paste opaque materials. The palette has the designated positions for each colour screen printed onto the plastic base so that the colours are kept in order.

The unique angled step type design, allows easy access to materials. The palette is constructed from durable plastic and the reservoirs are made from glazed ceramic. The reservoirs have a very unique design to them, they are elongated towards the rear so that the material will flow to the back of the reservoir, this prevents any spillage.
The lid is made from a clear plastic and has been designed to create a tight seal around the base, preventing too much oxygen entering the palette, which can cause the materials to dry out.

NB: When your palette is not in use always keep the lid closed, preventing the material from drying out and dust contamination.