Spider Klip (NEW)

This latest innovation from the MPFBrush Co, has been designed to allow the dental ceramist a much faster and more accurate way to stain up to 6 crowns or veneers at the one time, thus making the staining process much more precise and colour correct.

spider-klip-1Six stainless steel spring activated tweezers aligned into the shape of the dental arch.

No longer do you need to use 3-4 tweezers to stain your single anteriors! By simply loading all your crowns or veneers into the Spider Klip tweezers, you have a perfect arched visual and your staining process can be precise, due to the fact that you have all the crowns lined up in front of you.
With the six spring activated tweezers all in one simple handle, the ceramist has a much better visual of the crowns to be stained.

spider-klip-2By activating the spring, tweezers open to give you enough room to position your crown or veneer. The rubber grip also acts as a dampener, to prevent any rotation of your veneer or crown while the staining procedure takes place.

To stain 6 anterior crowns or veneers, with the conventional method, you must use at least 2 tweezers and constantly pick up one crown, position it and stain it, then leave it down and pick up another set of tweezers and repeat the process. This is not only time consuming, but also can be an inaccurate colour staining process.
With the MPF Spider Klip, it can take you less than 4 minutes to load 6 crowns or veneers into the hand piece and complete your staining procedure.

spider-klip-3Position crown in tweezers:
6 crowns can be positioned in less than 30 seconds!
spider-klip-4Crowns positioned ready to proceed with staining.

When staining on the MPF Spider Klip, the process is far more accurate, due to the fact the crowns are lined up next to each other, replicating the arch form of the dentition.
The Spider Klip is made of aluminum and the tweezers and spring are stainless steel.
A soft rubber grip has been positioned on the posterior of the tweezers, acting as a dampener and preventing the crown or veneer from moving around while applying your stain material.

spider-klip-5Proceed with regular staining technique.

The front tweezers are shaped in such a way that there are two points of contact against the anterior surface of the crown or veneer. This combination of rubber grip and 3 point contact make for a very stable positioning of the item to be stained.
The Spider Klip also comes with 6 replacement rubber grips.
If you wish to work without the rubber grips positioned on the tweezers, they can be removed.