Rotary Instruments

The dental ceramic industry’s steady trend toward Cad-Cam Technology, utilising materials such as alumina and zirconia, has led us to follow suit and produce rotary instruments accordingly. Our range of Diamond Impregnated Rubber Discs, Rainbow Cutters and our GSS (Green Stone Series) are constantly finding their foundations within the competitive dental abrasives market internationally.

Due to zirconia’s hardness and sensitivity to heat, there was a great need for rotary instruments that could cut and abrade this material with minimal heat generation.

MPF Brush Co. has overcome this obstacle with ZMax Diamond Impregnated Discs. The high content, fine diamond particle creates a superb zirconia cutting instrument with an exceptional life span; more than double the durability of any product on the market today! Materials can be cut and abrased with very little pressure from the hand piece, creating less heat generation to the zirconia substructure.