M.P.F Precision Die Spacer

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M.P.F Precision Die spacer

Exhibiting smooth feel and flow, the M.P.F Precision Die spacer series are a fast drying die spacer and sealer which are characterized by superb thixotropic consistency, uniform homogeneous layer thickness, and precise control of varnish distribution without running or clumping.

Advanced chemistry allows for a strong and compatible bond to virtually any surface, while offering outstanding resistance against pressurized steam, scratching and chipping.

Each coat creates 12 microns of space.

Fast 15-second set time between coats.

M.P.F Precision Die spacer come in 4 popular colors, gold, blue, silver and grey

Key Benefits

  • Offers accurate die cement spacing.
  • Excellent flow properties for precise application.
  • Creates a hard, dense surface.
  • Fast 15-second drying time.