Peg Fix is a second generation, advanced high-heat resistant refractory material used for custom ceramic firing stabilising. The material can be easily shaped and used with any type of porcelain. Available for a variety of uses in the laboratory, the material is stable up to 1300°C (2375°F), and eliminates firing distortion and contamination. PegFix offers a freeze stable solution for hassle free shipping and extended shelf life for added value.
Packaged in 17cc Syringes.

Item order No. 150-0002 (single)

Item order No. 150-0003 (pack of 3)

Key Benefits

Fill inside of crowns for extra stabilisation during ceramic firing cycles.
Repair cracked pressable ceramic cores or all-ceramic margins.
Use for stabilisation during soldering procedures.
Use to hold platinum foil in place during cast repairs.