Palettes are a tool utilised by the dental ceramist everyday and are a necessary accessory in the ceramic laboratory. As a tool, they must firstly be effective, simple to use and assist the technician to be productive.
Secondly, they must be aesthetically pleasing; as it is likely the technician will be looking at it for a good part of the working day. With its combination of natural stone and the durable plastic base, the MPF Ceramic Palette is very easy to work with. The simple ‘nylon palette work sheet’ allows the water from the base to permeate through the stone and naturally keep the ceramic mix constantly wet 24/7.
The Paste Opaque and Stain Palette has a very unique design style which makes access to the ceramic medium a breeze. The combination of ‘durable plastic base’, ‘sintered ceramic reservoirs’ and a ‘tightly sealing lid’ make this palette an essential part of any busy laboratory, clean up is easy and it is just as easy setting up the next day.

Our palettes are our number one selling items!