MPF Evolution

At the MPF Brush Co, aesthetics, form and function are the key elements when designing a new product.

The MPF Master Evolution Ceramic Palette has been developed taking all these elements into consideration, its ergonomic design incorporates the sponge for cleaning your brush, the slide drawer with its internal stain palette, and the unique synthetic leather strip which permeates the moisture from the reservoir, up into your ceramic mix, all this in one unit, making it neat and efficient. Utilising the smooth glass plate tablet, we prevent our very delicate Kolinsky brushes from being destroyed.

For years the MPF Brush Co has been developing precision instruments designed by technicians for technicians. This High End MPF Evolution line of products is no different, having the Inspiration of Peter Pizzi M.D.T, we have combined our innovative ideas, and this stylish, also functional line of products, has Evolved .

Master Evolution Ceramic Palette Black Item order No. 115-4000

Master Evolution Ceramic Palette White Item order No. 115-4100