Unique Spring Activation System

Watch how our slow motion video shows how the spring activation system has a remarkable effect on the brush hair bundle, with one simple flick, the brush hair drives out the excess water content from within the brush head, thus driving the hair into the sharpest point, ready for you to pick up the smallest of ceramic increments, so that you can perform detailed ceramic layering procedures.
With this innovative concept, you don’t need to wipe your brush head onto, sponge, paper towel, or shake your hand to re-contour the brush hair bundle, the spring activated system does it for you. By not having to wipe the brush onto a rougher surface we prolong the life of the delicate Kolinsky hair.
The ability to control the moisture level of the brush head with one simple flick action, gives you complete control over your ceramic build up.

We recommend using the Brush Pool to contain the splash effect created by the Spring Activation System.