Freeze Blockout

The ultimate solution for blocking out undercuts on dies.

A full bodied, controlled viscosity material used for blocking out undercuts, filling air bubbles, and building cusp tips on dies prior to wax up.  Offering excellent contouring and shaping characteristics, Freeze is applied to the area to be blocked out or based up. The applied Base is then sprayed with Freeze Accelerator for instant curing. The result: A hard, smooth, glass-like surface true to the surface contour of the die. Freeze Accelerator can also be used to instant cure all cyanoacrylate adhesives on the market.

       Item No 707                        Item No 706
Spray a little accelerator into the region you want to fill with base materialThen apply the base material carefully
Spray accelerator directly onto the base material and allow it to set ,after 30 secAfter the base material is hard. can also cut it back with a fine grade rotary instrument for better contouring.

Key Benefits

  • Simplify die repair procedures.
  • Join wax, metal or porcelain.
  • Position attachment and implants.
  • Burns out clean.