F.G. Diamond BUR

Our specially selected diamond friction grip burs come in 22 different shapes in our medium to coarse grade, which is colour coded in blue and 12 different shapes in our medium to fine grain which are colour code in red.

Each colour and shape is packaged in plastic boxes of 5 pieces per box.

Medium to Course Grade : Blue

ISO No170/018199/016197/016197/018160/014
Item order No.134-0014134-0016134-0017134-0018134-0011
ISO No.160/012200/012289/014140/012141/014
Item order No.134-0012134-0006134-0007134-0008134-0009
ISO No.110/014257/018111/012111/014234/014
Item order No.134-0003131-0004134-0001134-0002129-0007
ISO No.237/010237/018010/012010/018001/012
Item order No.129-0008129-0005134-0004134-0005127-0002
ISO No.001/016068/042
Item order No.127-0001134-0020

Medium to Fine Grade : Red

ISO No.173/016199/016199/018160/016298/014
Item order No.134-0013134-0015134-0019134-0010131-0001
ISO No.298/016237/021196/020197/012254/017
Item order No.131-0002129-0006129-0003129-0004131-0003
ISO No.108/008138/007
Item order No.129-0002129-0001