DH1 Die Hardener & Sealer

DH1 Die Hardener & Sealer

Seals and strengthens all die materials enabling accurate die preparation.

DH1 Pen applicator – Item No. 709DH1 Bottle & Brush
Item No. 711

A paint-on acrylic resin for conditioning, sealing and hardening gypsum dies and models. Water proofs and seals stone surface without layer build-up on the die. Advanced material is absorbed into the stone, and by capillary action, seals the stone surface while providing zero micron buildup. Protects margins and reduces abrasion. DH1 is available in a felt-pen applicator, as well as a 15ml bottle brush.

Key Benefits

Strengthens dies and hardens models.
Protects margins from chipping and abrasion.
Zero microns ensure zero layer buildup.
Improves margin fit.