Although the manufacturing process of dental ceramics has remained relatively unchanged throughout the years, the tools technicians use to create ceramic restorations are continuously evolving.

At MPF Brush Co. we strive to remain one step ahead of the rest by producing high quality, innovative instruments based not only on our own extensive experience, but the expertise of some of the industry’s finest technicians.

Utilising materials such as aluminium, resin and carbon fibre has resulted in an impressive, functional product offering at an affordable price.

Our recent innovations within the last 12 months are already proving to be a huge success, with technicians around the world offering positive feedback.

Peg Fix, a product which required immense research and development, is a refractory stabilising material with amazing properties and great consistency, which flows freely from its dispenser and leaves absolutely no residue on crowns, veneers or bridges no matter what material they are made from. Created from poly-crystalline fibres, this product is not only revolutionary, but is made from premium ingredients that are safer for our planet.