Brushes & Brush Kits


The unique spring activated ‘flick’ action of the MPF Ceramic Brush, reshapes and contours the brush hair with one simple movement. This ‘flick’ action provides the perfect tip ready for application, time after time. The versatile, replaceable, ‘spring activated head’, allows the dental ceramist fantastic manoeuvrability.
Its patented ‘spring activated head’ makes it possible to use this brush in ways no other conventional brush has ever been used before.

The ‘flick’ action also allows the dental ceramist greater ease when cleaning the brush tips. The ‘spring activated head’ makes cleaning effortless and helps to maintain the integrity of the brush. Simply apply gentle pressure to the head of the brush with your fore-finger by pushing it towards you and release the spring, it couldn’t be easier. This action expels the excess water from the brush, without wiping or handling the hair in any way, while at the same time, creating the finest point you have ever seen on a brush tip……..each time!

The MPF Spring Activated Ceramic Brush handles are made from light weight aluminium. They are anodised in 6 contemporary colours, red, blue, black, chrome, gold and purple.

Our unique ‘Replaceable Brush Tip System’ has the advantage over all other brush systems. Our handles are made to fit all size brush tips…… handle fits all brush tip sizes. This is due to the unique design of our screw on system, which attaches itself to the brush tip of your choice. Our series of 4 different sized replaceable brush tips…2, 4, 6, and 8, are available in the finest 100% male Siberian Kolinsky hair.

A very popular item in our catalogue is the 3 in 1 Brush Kit. This kit provides the ceramist with a complete set of three brush tips sizes with one versatile handle that fits all.

NB: We have also created the ‘Non Spring Activated’ ceramic brush range for the ceramist who does not desire the spring activated system. Now we have a brush for every technician!