Marble Ceramic Palette

ceramic palette

The unique marble slab allows controlled amounts of water to permeate through the nylon worksheet.

Item order No. 115-1000

The palette comes in a black case with an Italian marble stone, using capillary action to wet ceramic powders. This unique Marble allows controlled amounts of water to permeate and wet the nylon worksheet, to allow uniform wetting of the ceramic. This will not allow over wetting of the ceramic material but provides the ceramist with a more consistent and workable ceramic mix. The nylon work sheet that covers the marble is kinder to Kolinsky brushes, like the MPF Spring Activated Kolinsky Brush and helps to keep a finer point for longer periods of time.
The palette comes with 2 nylon work sheets that are durable and easy to clean, and one plastic water bottle.

ceramic palette
ceramic palette
Item order No. 115-1001

Nylon Palette Worksheets (2pk)

Item order No. 115-1002

Replacement Marble