Classic Ceramic Brushes

Stain Brush

The most important aspect of a good Stain brush is the quality of the hair and the sharpness of the tip. Our stain brush meets both these requirements. Our Stain brush is manufactured with the highest quality Kolinsky hair, creating a perfectly designed sharp brush tip.

  Item Order No. 105-0009

Opaque Brush

Opaque Brush

Our Opaque brush has a unique ‘cats tongue’ brush tip design, allowing large amounts of opaque to be applied. Its very sharp point allows the ceramist flexibility during detailed applications. Manufactured with the highest quality Kolinsky hair.

  Item Order No. 105-0010

Contour Brush

Our Contour brush has a unique fan shaped head, allowing the ceramist to contour and shape semi dry porcelain while the ceramic build up is taking place. The hair is a mix of Kolinsky and very fine synthetic hair. Such a hair combination leaves no striations on the ceramic build up. The fan shaped head allows access to the finest embrasures without damaging the detailed build up.

  Item Order No. 105-0011

Glaze Brush

Occlusal brush

The Glaze brush is a very small sized contour brush. During detailed occlusal design we have found that this size brush head is wonderful for contouring and shaping intricate detailed occlusal surfaces.Like the contour brush it is made from a combination of Kolinsky and synthetic hair.

  Item Order No. 105-0012

Classic Brushes

Classic brushesOur MPF Classic brushes are produced using the highest quality Kolinsky hair. Inside these brush heads are several metallic beads, which act as a condenser when shaken. This action sends the moisture trapped within the brush head, directly to the brush tip, giving a very sharp point to work with. The Classic brushes come in four sizes 2, 4, 6 & 8.

Item Order No. 105-0002 (Size 2)

Item Order No. 105-0004 (Size 4)

Item Order No. 105-0006 (Size 6)

Item Order No. 105-0008 (Size 8)

Classic brushes 4-in-1 kit

Item Order No. 105-0001 Classic 4-in-1 Kit